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5 Factors That Impact Your Home Sale


  1. Price
  2. This is something the seller controls. As an agent, I can recommend a price range due to analysis of market statistics, however this is something that the seller ultimately decides. Pricing correctly makes a huge impact on getting the home sold quickly and for the most money.

  3. Terms
  4. Terms make a difference in what you’re offering a buyer. This can be things like offering to cover closing costs for them or offering to buy down their interest rates when rates are higher, like in today’s current market. These can definitely influence your home’s sale when appropriate.

  5. Condition
  6. This is something that is entirely up to the seller. As a Realtor, we can come in and give staging suggestions and offer tips to improve the overall condition of your home. But it’s up to the seller to listen and get the home ready for the market and showings. If the seller doesn’t take care of making the home presentable when prospective buyers come through, it can ultimately impact their ability to get a good offer on their home. Minor things like power washing and paint touch ups can make a huge difference on the amount of money they earn on their sale.

  7. Location
  8. This is something that neither the realtor or the sellers can control. But it is something to factor into pricing the home as location has a big impact on value. Homes that are in a quiet subdivision or in a cul de sac have more value than if they put that exact same home on a busy road or with power lines running through the property.

  9. Marketing
  10. This is where your Realtor has complete control. Who you hire to market your home matters as this determines the ultimate reach your listing has. Make sure to hire someone with experience to showcase your home in the best possible light, utilizing the best resources available – like social media and video – to broadcast your home to the most amount of people. This is what gets your home sold faster and for the most amount of money!

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